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Now You Can Get Fit, Never Quit,
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Hi my name is Master Shanon Preston, owner of Arizona’s Best Karate.

A lot of people ask me, what has fitness to do with Self-Defense? Can I really protect myself by becoming more physically fit? You bet! When you live a fit, healthy lifestyle:

  • You feel more confident.
  • It’s easier to maintain a positive outlook.
  • You feel empowered & your self-esteem soars!

In short, you are less likely to look and feel like a victim or like an easy target. The fit, healthy lifestyle involves some stamina and endurance training, some muscle strength and toning and some work on reflexes and flexibility.

Like many people, maybe you’d like to be more fit, but you’ve started and stopped your workouts time and time again.

I want to share a secret with you. With this secret, you’ll never have to worry about sticking with your exercise regimen.


Don’t focus on the intensity of your workouts until you have established consistency.

People start with a lot of enthusiasm, work hard, and quit! Then they start again, work hard & quit! This is a never ending cycle and you never make any kind of permanent improvement.

So here’s what you do: Start on a slower pace. Restrict yourself to light workouts. Stick to the program for 3 - 4 months before moving to the next level. Do a little strength and toning work, a little stamina and endurance work and a little work on your reflexes and flexibility.

If you do 200 “light-intensity” workouts over the next year, you’ll have the fit, healthy lifestyle you deserve!

Give it a try, You’ll enjoy the confident, capable state that it puts you in and you’ll feel safe and empowered!

Give It A Try, What Do YOU Have To Loose Except Inches Around YOUR Waistline?


Arizona’s Best Karate Doesn’t
Just Stop At A Great Workout…
Here’s A Quick Question?

“What Would You Do If Confronted By An Attacker?”


What if I told you a 100-pound woman or 180 - pound man “armed” with a few simple-to-learn techniques -- could fend off almost any attacker, or at least buy time for help?

Imagine the confidence and the peace of mind you would have if you knew:

  • What to do if suddenly grabbed from behind
  • How to escape when your wrists have been grabbed
  • Two simple skills that empower you to remain calm when facing danger

As a Black Belt martial artist, I’m sick and tired of reading stories in the paper, or seeing reports on the nightly news, about innocent victims being accosted by bullies and society’s lowlifes. And I’m doing something about it.

The “Arizona’s Best Karate” program is designed to teach simple-to-learn self-defense techniques that will work for the average person. I can teach you how to throw an attacker off balance and quickly disable him!


For example, you will learn:

  • How to Double Your Physical Power: You might be surprised to find that a
    few “easy to learn” principles of body balance will empower you to execute
    kicking and punching techniques with devastating power!
  • Martial Art Alertness: Your previously undiscovered “Intuition” skill --
    the built in self-defense mechanism you already possess... but are probably
    not yet using!
  • Self-Defense Strategy: “High Risk” situations: What they are and how to
    avoid them... also, one simple procedure that virtually assures that you
    will not be assaulted!
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