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Shanon Preston

957My martial arts career started in 1985 at Cooperstown Central High School, in Cooperstown, New York.

It was a lonely time for me, because I can remember being bullied almost every day of my high school career. It was a frustrating time because I was constantly being picked on and harassed. Back then bullying was not given the attention it is now, and the school principal did very little about the reported incidents. At one point I couldn’t take it any longer and could feel my spirit start to break.

This was when I decided to ask my mom to drive me to Karate lessons at a YMCA. I believed this would be a way to regain self-confidence and develop self-defense. This school was more than 30 miles away in a town called Oneonta, but the drive was necessary.

I fell in love with Martial Arts right from the beginning, but quickly had to quit due to the distance and for financial reasons. Many years later, while living in Colorado, I once again I found myself in a situation that only Karate could alleviate. A girl I had started dating was being harassed about our relationship by her ex-boyfriend. He and a group of his friends plotted to attack me one evening. One day the group of bullies surrounded me in a parking lot, and took turns using my face as a punching bag.

The very next day, with my left eye swollen shut and my other one black and blue, I walked to the closest karate school and said, ôSign Me Up!ö I remember the instructorÆs face still to this day; Mr. Farwell. Mr. Farwell signed me up and did some private lessons to help me incase I found myself surrounded again. From that point on I never looked back.

A few years later, I became an Instructor for Mr. Farwell. I trained hard and built up both my confidence and self-esteem to the point I have never been picked on again.

Today I own the most successful Martial Arts School in Arizona, ôArizona’s Best Karate.ö I am currently a 5th Degree Black Belt and a Certified Martial Arts Master from the Father of Tae-Kwon-Do, Jhoon Rhee. I have met and trained with many Martial Arts Icons including Chuck Norris, Bill ôSuper Footö Wallis, and Steve ôNastyö Anderson.

I have been teaching life skills and Karate to both adults and children for over 22 years. I was chosen by the Gilbert Public School Administration to teach Martial Arts to the students at all 16 Gilbert Public Schools and currently teach at many charter and private schools.

I firmly believe things happen for a reason. If all of the events leading up to that incident in the parking lot had not occurred, I would not be doing what I do today! I have been blessed with the ability to help others and make a positive impact on their lives and the lives of their family.

I hope YOU pick up the phone or stop by my school today because everything happens for a reason!

P.S. Want to see me in action? Play the videos below!


Our daughter has grown so much just by being at this school. She LOVES all of her instructors. And the environment is warm and welcoming. Every child is truly learning. All of the parents are great.. everyone is supportive to each childs success . It really feels like a family. Its a wonderful place to take your take your child.

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