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“They Laughed When I Told Them I’d Teach Their
Children In Gilbert Arizona The Secrets Of How To
Focus and Do Things The First Time In 3 Short


The Gilbert Public School System Hired Arizona’s Best Karate To Offer Our Amazing Program To Over
16,000 Children and teach them about focusing, goal setting, self-discipline, stranger danger,
self-respect and more…

With Our Amazing Program Your Children Can Learn


You’re Invited To Become Another Happy and Proud
Parent In Gilbert Arizona And Discover The Secrets Of
Our Unique 3 Week Martial Art Success Course…
At A Ridiculously Low On-Line Website
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100% Guarantee
100% Guarantee

Dear Parent,

Hi, my name is Mr. Shanon Preston
(5th degree black belt & expert in teaching children).

You might often wonder, how can marital arts teach life-skills like how to focus and about doing things the first time a parent asks and keep it fun all at the same time? Let me tell you that seeing is believing and thats why when the Gilbert Public School System saw us teach our Secrets, they hired us to teach it to over 16,000 children in their district.

First, I’d like to share with you Real Students that I’ve worked with over my 24 years of teaching kids and tell you about how our Secrets transformed their lives and the joy their parents got from seeing the incredible transformations.Secrets transformed their lives and the joy their parents got from seeing the incredible transformations.


“Katie” never does anything the first time!
It doesn’t matter what it is, we have to ask
her over and over again until it gets to the
point that I get so frustrated that I could

I just don’t understand why she won’t listen
to me unless I threaten her.

We are so happy that Arizona’s Best Karate
has taught her about “Good-Discipline” and
to do things THE FIRST TIME! Katie has grown
so much by being at Arizona’s Best Karate
that we signed up the whole family!

To See Katie, Visit Youtube Under
Arizona’s Best Karate!


My son Ethan Loves Arizona’s Best Karate.
He has learned so many Life Skills, Skills
that he will use forever. I will say that
His “Good-Discipline” is so much better now
than it was before. Ethan now does what we
ask him to to “THE FIRST TIME” and we love
that Arizona’s Best Karate teaches that!

Another Thing that Arizona’s Best karate
has done for Ethan is teach and instill
better confidence in him. He is able to
stand tall when he goes to school so that
Bullies say clear and have the attitude
that he can accomplish anything he wants in

life! To See Ethan, Visit Youtube under
Arizona’s Best Karate!


“Jennifer” had difficulty focusing in class.
She could never sit still and had a real
hard time doing homework unless we were
sitting right there to make sure she did it.

We loved that she learned the secrets on
how to focus so that she could get
better grades in school.

Arizona’s Best Karate instilled in her how
to look her teachers in the eyes, listen to
what the teachers were saying and to sit up
straight so she could focus.

To See Jennifer, Visit Youtube Under
Arizona’s Best Karate!


We Have Good News…
We Have The Solution & We Are Going To Guarantee It!


Over the last 24 years of teaching, hundreds of parents have come to me with these exact same issues… And believe me…

After just 3 weeks of Our Martial Arts Success Program, this is what happens…

We Have Good News


Your Child Learns How To Focus - At Arizona’s Best Karate we Teach the Children How to Focus and How to Listen so they get better grades and learn faster.

Before you know it, they focus on their home work… on their chores… on conversations with you… and anything else they put their mind to.


Your Child Is Excited To Succeed - From Day 1 at Arizona’s Best Karate your child sets goals, and will learn how to accomplish them.

Eventually he learns to set higher goals – and he learns to go after them with everything he's got.

Because of this, kids who go through martial arts are much more likely to succeed later in life as well. A recent study showed that 63% of black belts become college graduates!

Your Child Learns To “Do It The First Time” He's Asked - On the very first day we will teach Your chid that good-discipline means, “Do It The First Time”.

We never yell at kids, or scold them, but encourage and reward your children to do things the first time. Over time the Good-Discipline becomes Self-Discipline and that a big step in the right direction

It's usually takes less that 3 weeks before kids start having good-discipline at home. I can't tell you how many parents have thanked me profusely when it starts to happen.

For parents of children who have a hard time following directions – this is truly a blessing.

Your Child Will Learn Self-Respect - When it comes to bullies, kids in martial arts don't back down. They have the confidence to look a bully in the eyes, and stand their ground.

This is what almost always happens…

The bully gets scared and backs down! It happens 9 times out of 10 and for the 1 time out of 10 the bully doesn't back down – your child has the tools to defend himself, if necessary! He'll be able to get away, and seek out an authority figure.

Most confrontations can be talked through. Occasionally, however, words aren't enough. For either situation your child will be prepared.

No one will be able to hurt him, or take anything away from him.

You see Martial Arts is less about your child learning to fight others and more about fighting him-self, and his innermost fears! Conquer them and your child unleashes within himself a powerful, unstoppable force. A Force that gives hime the strength to kick down the doors of his own self doubts.

Martial Arts is an amazing form of exercise - Your child will be active the entire time. But there's no pressure on them to do anything they can’t.
We'll encourage him to do his best – but this isn't the Army so…



Most important, they’ll have a ton of fun.

Most important, he’ll have a ton of Fun



But, these are only a few of the
countless benefits kids get at
Arizona’s Best Karate.

(remember the Entire Gilbert Public School System hired
us to offer our program to over 16,000 children)

But rather than tell you about them myself
We Feel That Seeing Is Believing…


So We Are Going To Give You A Crazy Internet On-Line Special With Our
Double YOUR Money Back Guarantee!

We Can Do What Other Martial Arts School Simple Just Can’t Do… Offer You A Double YOUR Money Back Guarantee Because Arizona’s Best Karate has TOWERING ROLE MODEL TEACHERS to Make Sure Your Child Gets The Best Instruction. Each of our instructors all started out as white belts beginners that I have taught myself and we currently have 3 martial arts masters as a part of our staff.

Included in our staff we have 2 Champion Martial Arts Female Instructors so if your wondering if karate is for girls too, wait until you see what these girls can do! Parents often ask me if we have girls in our classes and the truth is, there are just as many girls in our classes as there are boys. Girls love martial arts just as much as the boys and parents love all the self-defense moves they learn.



Like I Said Before, Seeing Is Believing &
The Only Way You’ll Know
If Our Program Is For Real…
Is To Try It And See For Yourself…

Just To Prove To YOU That We Are Going To Do
Everything That We Say We Will, Were Also Going To Make Sure Your Are 100% Happy With A Double YOUR Money Back
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee

If after a few classes you think this isn’t the right fit for you and your child, simply let us know and we’ll gladly refund you Double Your Money Back. That way you can use that same money to invest in something else for your child.

But chances are you will love it here and so will your kid Either
way, You're more than welcome to try it out for free.

* Money Back Guarantee only applies to On-Line
Website Special Offer.